Thursday, December 14, 2017

California and it's Business Importance

California Slide Scanning Services

With almost 40 million people living within its borders, California should not be ignored by anyone doing business on the internet.

There was a time when web sites ranked equally in internet search regardless of the location of the searcher.  That's all changed.  Search engines often want to give searchers the most local business they search for.  This has virtually required web site authors to target specific states with their web pages if they expect to get business from all states.

With California as the most populated state in the US, most of my competitors have made pages targeting states like California and Texas.  In some cases web page authors will build 50 separate pages targeting customers in all 50 states.

For now, I've created two new pages.  The first, targets Texas customers looking to convert their 35MM slide film to digital.  This effort has created a moderate increase in customer from Texas who find my Web pages.

Now I've created a new page targeting the huge California population.  Hopefully this new page will help draw in more 35mm slides to digital business from "The Golden State".

I suspect the slides to digital transfer service industry was at its peak somewhere around 2007.  After that time period, orders declined substantially.  This is likely from several factors however, the main factor could be that the majority of slides have already been transferred to digital.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Need Slide Conversion in Texas?

Time to Target Texas

After getting beat up In search for the last couple years by my competitors, I finally got smart and started making state-specific pages for my slide scanning services.

A few years back I was getting slides to digital conversion work from all over the country. Changes in search engines, especially changes related to mobile search have shaken up the search engine page results.

I noticed many of my competitors still doing well for search strings that include state names or city names.

Now need to make a specific page for each state that I target. I'll be targeting the most populated states first. Texas, California and New York Etc.

So tonight I created and published the first page that is State specific, targeting people needing 35mm slides to digital conversion services in Texas.

The page consists of testimonials that have come in over the years from my previous Texas customers. A few Texas  businesses who chose my service a listed on the page.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

It turns out a having a Web site be mobile friendly is not quite as critical as I thought.

At some point Google made certain changes to their page rank algorithm.  These changes really impacted my business.  The changes really hurt the ranking of web pages which Google felt had too many similar links or too many similar rich text inbound links.

At one point it was good to have keywords (text) linking to your Web site.  I made lots of them.  Now it seems I made to many, possibly too many from the same domain.

I've been updating some of my old Web pages to modify and in some cases remove links which may be hurting my Web site traffic.

Meanwhile I continue to receive promotional material from google trying to get me to join their AdWords advertising program.  I won't do it.  They control search results and they also benefit when the results are shaken up because more businesses need to advertise as a result of their shake ups.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mobile Friendly or Die Slide Scanning

Mobile Friendly Web pages.

I recently dumped a previously successful Web page to make it a new, mobile friendly Web site.

For over a decade my slide scanning pages were really rocking it.  They'd come up in the top ten for my targeted search terms, bringing in work to my little home office based business,  from all over the United States.

About 2 years ago search engines started favoring mobile friendly sites, especially when the searching was done on mobile. My slide scanning service pages suddenly took a big hit, going from their consistant spot on page one, back to page 3!  Ouch !

The result was a huge drop in orders from across the country.  Instead I'd only get the occasional order from local people...those who likely put in a local modifier in their search string.  A word like Massachusetts or Boston, added to the typical search string, would bring up my page on top.

I had good luck with a newer mobile friendly site for my drone photography business at

So I finally broke down and made the jump to a mobile friendly web site using GoDaddy's Web site builder.  It costs a bit more than their standard FTP hosting but I'm hoping the new mobile friendly site shows up for people who search for slide scanning services no matter where they are.

I also had two pages at different domains to promote the business.  Search engines don't like duplicate content, so i shut down one of the pages.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Kodachrome to Digital Conversion - Demand Increase

Digitize Your Old Slides

Big orders from local and distant customers

The second half of 2015 has brought a big increase in work to my slide scanning business. Not just more orders, more BIG orders!

  • John from Vermont dropped off ~1750 35MM slides, his family's legacy. When those were completed, he dropped off another ~1000.
  • Hilary in Washington shipped over 3000 slides.  Her order is nearing completion. Her slide collection spans several decades.
  • Frank in Florida shipped about 1200 slides which arrived last week.
  • John in Wisconsin shipped ~650 and and this was his second batch
  • Leo from Boston called this evening.  He will deliver another hundred later this week.   I scanned ~100 slides for him last Spring.
This trend is a change from early 2015 when orders were slow. Search engines can have a big effect on small businesses when search result change.

I'm working toward making my scanning service web pages more mobile friendly. This will certainly impact search engine generated traffic.